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What to Watch: Tomorrowland

film still via  IMDB

film still via IMDB

Finally, Disney’s well kept secret makes its way onto the big screen as Tomorrowland, starring George Clooney and directed by Brad Bird (Incredibles, Ratatouille) hits theaters this Thursday night. A project nearly four years in the making, Tomorrowland represents a significant push in the sci-fi live-action direction. Without being based on a comic book or any other pre-existing series, Disney hopes that the risk will have a high reward with young audiences looking for something to fill the void between superhero flicks.  Continue reading

What to Watch: Poltergeist

Photo by Kerry Hayes - © 2015 - Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Photo by Kerry Hayes – © 2015 – Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Horror films have seen a revival after a spree of remakes and found-footage films flooded the market throughout the 2000’s. Most notably, Blumhouse Productions has become a new-age Hammer Films with releases like Insidious, Sinister, and Paranormal Activity. Still, remakes are a hallmark of Hollywood and it was only a matter of time before the business got around to such classic horror films as the 1982 film Poltergeist. The 2015 remake hopes to spook audiences in a similar fashion despite many horror films having perfected the very thing that the original film introduced to the genre.  Continue reading

Review: Mad Max: Fury Road

Photo by   Jasin Boland  - © 2012 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Photo by Jasin Boland – © 2012 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

A mix of dystopian future, a mad search for freedom and ten tons of steel running at nearly 200 mph helps Mad Max: Fury Road deliver on everything the promotional material promised. Clocking in at exactly two hours, the film is a throwback to the over-the-top action films of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s focusing less on dialogue and plot and more on action. Normally limiting plot leaves a film feeling rather thin but Mad Max: Fury Road had just enough to keep the plot from being too overbearing, since we all know audiences aren’t sitting in seats to see dramatic exposition.  Continue reading

Did You Know: Tom Hardy

Photo by  Jasin Boland - © 2012 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Photo by Jasin Boland – © 2012 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

This Friday Mad Max: Fury Road opens and could potentially push lead actor Tom Hardy into the action movie stratosphere, although he’s been hovering just below it for quite some time. The London born actor has been a staple of critically acclaimed films for nearly fifteen years, getting his start on the memorable HBO series Band of Brothers and now taking the lead alongside Oscar winner Charlize Theron. Despite the rugged good looks, Tom Hardy has not had the easiest road to success. This week’s Did You Know hopes to shed some light on the unknown world of Tom Hardy.  Continue reading

What to Watch: Hot Pursuit

image via  IMDB

image via IMDB

The weekend of May 8th is the calm between two storms. Last week, Avengers: Age of Ultron opened to the second highest take of all time, losing only to the first installment a few years prior. It is expected that the Marvel superhero film will once again remain on top of the charts this week as Mad Max: Fury Road is hoping to put enough distance to remain fresh in moviegoers’ minds.  Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: X-Men (2000)

film still via  IMDB

film still via IMDB

With Marvel/Disney’s Avengers: Age of Ultron set to break records for ticket sales around the world starting tomorrow, it seemed appropriate to look back at where it all started. Some would think that the starting point was Iron Man in 2008 but Marvel’s long journey to realistically bringing comic book heroes to the big screen started much further back than that. In the year 2000 the struggling comic book company was relying on a long shot, otherwise known as X-MenContinue reading

Did You Know: Harrison Ford

Photo by Murray Close/Getty Images - © 2011 Murray Close

Photo by Murray Close/Getty Images – © 2011 Murray Close

There have been few iconic Hollywood actors with the resume of Harrison Ford. Not only is he remembered as the gun-slinging galactic smuggler Han Solo but also as the tomb raiding Indiana Jones. With a career that spans nearly half a century, Ford has become a master of navigating the spotlight while selecting the right roles to keep his legendary career intact. This week we look at a few things you may not have known about Ford and his historic career.  Continue reading

What to Watch: Age of Adaline

Photo by Diyah Pera - © 2015  Lionsgate

Photo by Diyah Pera – © 2015 Lionsgate

If you were intrigued enough to venture from your warm cave and into the wintery wilderness to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, you will probably be inclined to take a light spring stroll to your local movie theater to see The Age of Adaline, coming to movie screens this Friday. Packed with more romance and a bit more youth, this “curse of immortality” romance fantasy takes many of its points from the successful David Fincher film but certainly looks to pack far more melodrama into a much shorter running time.  Continue reading

Did You Know: Mark Hamill

film still via  IMDB

film still via IMDB

There are few actors in the history of Hollywood who have been linked to their iconic character portrayals as much as Mark Hamill. His work in Star Wars as Luke Skywalker not only made him a household name but also would come to dominate a good portion of his career. Still, Hamill managed to do some incredible things in entertainment that many people may not know about. Not only has his work spanned efforts in front of the screen, but also behind it and in various different mediums. This week, we look to shed some light on a few of the more obscure facts you already knew but may have never associated with Mark Hamill.

Hamill has had an Extensive Career in the World of Comics

Many people know of Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker but his contribution to the comicbook world is equally as epic. In the 90’s, Hamill made his first major mark as the voice of The Joker in Batman: The Animated Series. The show lasted only two seasons but the character and his personification of it lived on in six other Batman series as well as Superman and Justice League cartoons. He also jumped ship for a short period voicing the evil Hobgoblin in several Spider-Man animated adventures throughout the late 90’s.

His work in the comic world eventually spilled over as he became a writer for the Dark Horse comic series The Black Pearl. He also became a familiar face at comicbook conventions as his celebrity in Star Wars wasn’t the only reason people wanted to see him anymore. As an avid collector, Hamill has always enjoyed comics and has taken any opportunity to place his stamp in that world. While many may not be aware, he also played the DC villain The Trickster in the original Flash live action series.

The Car Accident that Nearly Ended it All

Shortly after filming Star Wars, Hamill was involved in a terrible car accident that nearly ended his career. His condition required plastic surgery to repair the damage and affected his appearance in the sequel The Empire Strikes Back. Early on in that film, Luke is attacked by a snow beast and scarred across his face, giving an easy explanation to Hamill’s appearance. Many have said that it was subtle but when viewing the film series back to back, the changes to Hamill’s face in such a short time frame are very noticeable.

The accident itself is a bit of a mystery. Hamill’s recollection of the event in a recorded interview with Gossip magazine is a bit vague. He claims to have been distracted in his BMW, missing an off ramp and being unable to navigate a four lane highway. Reports of his condition after the crash varied greatly from needed full facial reconstruction to minor, yet noticeable plastic surgery.

Making History

Mark Hamill has a very special distinction, shared only with Joe Mantegna and Elizabeth Taylor. These three not only played fictional characters on the long-running show The Simpsons but also played themselves on different occasions. He shared the screen with Mantegna in the episode Mayored to the Mob. Hamill also had the distinction of playing the role of Luke Skywalker for the NPR radio play version of Star Wars in 1981 and in The Empire Strikes Back in 1983. He was unable to finish off the trilogy a few years later as a scheduling conflict made it impossible.

Hamill will rejoin original Star Wars cast members Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher in the latest installment of the franchise entitled Episode VII: The Force Awakens due out in theaters later this year.

Did You Know: Clint Eastwood

Few artists have made the transition from actor to director as seamlessly and as successfully as Clint Eastwood. His career has spanned over fifty years with double digits in acting roles and directing. The awards garnered during that time are also staggering as he has won Academy Awards for directing with both  Million Dollar Baby and Unforgiven. Throughout all of this he has remained an icon in Hollywood and one of the most active artists throughout the changing trends in decades. This week we hope to enlighten you with a few bits of information that you may not know about Clint Eastwood and his expansive career.  Continue reading