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The Best Horror Movies for Halloween

Photo via

Photo via

It’s Halloween and if you don’t have plans, today is a perfect day to stay in and watch a scary movie or two. Thankfully, Anthony and I have been watching a bunch of horror films this month to help you narrow it down based on whatever flavor of scary you prefer.  Continue reading

The Medium is the Message

Last week, Anthony and I went to the Museum of Modern Art here in New York City for a special film screening of Bob Fosse’s Cabaret. The 1972 film starring Liza Minelli and Michael York screened to a pretty large audience of museum members who were then treated to a Q&A with stage and screen actor Joel Grey, who played the Master of Ceremonies in the film.  Continue reading

Alright Alright Alright

Dazed and Confused Film Still (1993)

Dazed and Confused Film Still (1993)

Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused is perhaps one of the most referenced films about high school even though it was set nearly forty years ago in the summer of ’76. While set in the seventies, it was filmed in the 90′s and just celebrated its twentieth anniversary last year. Continue reading

Objectivity and Editing

screenshot from All We Left Behind

film still from our upcoming project All We Left Behind

Recently, I was watching Project Runway (one of my favorite television shows) with some friends and one of my friends mentioned that a designer was great but “she couldn’t edit” her own work. And the program itself, which is now running at an hour and 30 minutes, arguably could use some more editing to fit into a more manageable 60 minute chunk (of course, there are probably a number of ratings-related reasons why it instead runs 90 minutes).

As we work on editing our latest film, this got me thinking about the tough choices that creative folks in any industry must face. Continue reading

The New York Times Magazine in Photographs

Gregory Crewdson, Julianne Moore, from “Dream House,” 2002.

Gregory Crewdson, Julianne Moore, from “Dream House,” 2002.

While the New York Times is well known as the largest metropolitan newspaper in the United States, its Sunday supplement, the New York Times Magazine, is widely known for its photography. This photography is currently the subject of an exhibition at the Aperture Gallery in New York City. Continue reading

Star Wars Fan Film Awards: Do… or do not. There is no try.

Title Screen of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Uncut

Title Screen of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Uncut

Star Wars fans rejoiced at the release of “The Empire Strikes Back Uncut,” which is a collection of fan produced clips edited together to re-tell the story of the Irvin Kershner-directed original film. This 128 minute production includes over 1500 clips including action figures, animation and some pretty cute children whose parents forced them to do this (or maybe they happen to big fans of The Clone Wars). Continue reading

Capturing Life: Strategies for Taking Better Photos from Henri Cartier-Bresson

Line Drawing by Jen Gallardo

Line Drawing by Jen Gallardo

Recently, I read an article published in the New York Times Lens photo blog containing excerpts of a 1971 interview conducted by Sheila Turner-Seed with legendary Magnum photography Henri Cartier-Bresson. The article struck me at how easily almost everything Cartier-Bresson said could be applied to photography today. Given his status as the father of modern photography, we can distill from his comments some clear strategies for taking better photos.

Lesson One: “you shouldn’t overshoot”

In the interview, Cartier-Bresson mentions that you shouldn’t overshoot. He acknowledges that when you shoot, there are plenty of “yes” moments and then some “maybes” but really, what he is saying is to be judicious. Take too many photos and you may miss the moment (your camera runs out of space and/or film). In our current digital age, take too many photos and you give yourself the headache of having to process over 400 photos! Continue reading

Three Ways to Improve your Nighttime Photography

It’s starting to get much darker way earlier here in New York. By the time 5pm rolls around, the sun has nearly completely set. Until the winter solstice, the days are going to keep getting shorter. If you like to make pictures, this means trouble. Unfortunately for us, our cameras don’t automatically adjust the way our eyes do. Thankfully, there are ways to get the camera to behave when the lights are low. Here are three pretty simple ways to improve your low light photography today.

Friday Night Details by Jen Gallardo

Friday Night Details by Jen Gallardo

1. Ditch flash

It sounds counterintuitive, but if you want to take better pictures in dark atmospheres you should avoid using the flash attached to your camera.

Continue reading

Homepage Carousel November 2013

by jen

Food Photography: Mulino’s Signature Dishes

You may remember seeing our photos of the Christmas decor at the restaurant Mulino’s of Westchester. This festive restaurant in White Plains, NY not only decks the halls for Christmas but also makes some amazing signature dishes night after night. We were happy to return to Mulino’s over the summer to capture just a taste of some of the delicacies they serve. Feast your eyes below!