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Earth Girls are Easy at IFC Center’s Midnight Movie Series

Photo by Archive Photos/Getty Images - © 2013 Getty Images via IMDB

Photo by Archive Photos/Getty Images – © 2013 Getty Images via IMDB

While Chris Pratt makes a lovely substitute, many are (understandably) disappointed that the latest dinosaur thriller Jurassic World does not feature the talents of Jeff Goldblum. Before he was Dr. Ian Malcolm, Jeff Goldblum starred in a number of comedy horror films. Among them is the comedy musical Earth Girls Are Easy, which is screening this weekend at New York City’s IFC Center.  Continue reading

Storytelling through Gaming

As a society, we tend to look at games as a form of play that allows us to pass the time and stave of boredom. When it comes to video games, we typically envision the singular experience of one person sitting in front of the television with a controller. As some console and game studios have demonstrated in recent years, this is not the exclusive experience of game enthusiasts. Many play online with others making what on the surface is an individual experience very communal. Similarly, while some games are indeed limited to one player, they attract a crowd of watchers due to the engrossing stories they tell.  Continue reading

Glorious Technicolor at the MoMA

Image via

Image via

Now that Memorial Day is well behind us, it feels like summer has begun in New York City. The start of the summer season always feels like a transformation as we pack away bulky dark-colored winter coats and replace them with brightly colored jackets, bathing suits and sunglasses. In keeping with this theme of transformation, the MoMA is kicking off a film exhibit celebrating the transition from black and white filmmaking to color in “Glorious Technicolor: From George Eastman House and Beyond.”  Continue reading

YouTube Stars

Photo of Michelle Phan by Asa Mathat via Recode

Photo of Michelle Phan by Asa Mathat via Recode

YouTube began as an open platform for users to share the video content they created. Since streaming video and on-demand content was not completely prevalent at this time, users started uploading non-user generated content. They instead started posting content that they did not own (like episodes of their favorite TV shows) and thus, to many in mainstream media, YouTube was just another file sharing site they needed to combat.  Continue reading

How Real is Too Real?: Exploring “Reality” in Film and Television

The Real World logo via Wikipedia

The Real World logo via Wikipedia

While some of the most successful films at the box office have swept audiences off into galaxies far far away filled with incredible creatures, there are some audiences that crave a more real experience. As evidenced by the rampant success of animated films as well as their live-action comicbook-based counterparts, some degree of fantasy is still alive and well. However, within that fantasy, sometimes we seek some degree of realism. Do the characters react in a realistic manner? Do the fight scenes seem plausible? And what about the world they exist in — does that look like a world we can immerse ourselves in? Achieving the right degree of realism, however, is a delicate balance and can often find us questioning: how much is too real?  Continue reading

Looking Back at the 14th annual Tribeca Film Festival

There are many film festivals across the country and a critical mass occurring in New York City alone. Perhaps none of the NYC festivals is met with more buzz than the Tribeca Film Festival which, now in its fourteenth year, has achieved the status of the long-running Sundance Film Festival. In short, appearing in the Tribeca Film Festival is a feat as the festival represents some of the best upcoming films. And speaking of the films, here are some highlights to which you can look forward, or look back at depending on how you think about it, when the festival opens next week.  Continue reading

Best of the Worst: Guilty Pleasure Movies

Still of Alicia Silverstone and Brittany Murphy in Clueless (1995) via

Still of Alicia Silverstone and Brittany Murphy in Clueless (1995) via

While we spend a lot of time here talking about great movies, the truth is that not every watchable movie is great. In fact, some are actually pretty terrible in some ways but provide enormous entertainment value — and sometimes not in the way the original filmmakers intended. These are essentially our “guilty pleasure” movies. Though we may not always want to admit to watching, or even liking the movies, we can’t deny tuning in when they happen to be on television or when we happen upon them while browsing streaming services like Netflix.  Continue reading

The Significance of Seven

Image via

Image via

As we approach the release of the seventh installment of the blockbuster Fast and Furious series, we noticed that no new releases are even attempting to compete with the blockbuster film. To understand why the movie owns the holiday weekend, it may be useful to investigate the significance of the number seven.  Continue reading

A Whole New World: Virtual Reality

Last year, I attended SXSWi and one of the longest lines (besides that for meeting with Grumpy Cat) was for the chance to experience the popular virtual reality tool acquired by Facebook, Oculus Rift. Oculus VR had created a virtual reality experience for the popular HBO series Game of Thrones that allowed users to ascend the icy wall that keeps the seven kingdoms of Westeros safe from the zombie-like white walkers. Though I didn’t get a chance to experience it myself, most of the feedback around the “Ascend the Wall” experience was overwhelmingly positive. That said, it brings into question the future of these types of experiences and what will make sense for storytelling moving forward.  Continue reading

Matthew Weiner’s Mad Men in NYC

Photo of Matthew Weiner on the set of Mad Men

Photo of Matthew Weiner on the set of Mad Men via Museum of the Moving Image

As we’ve already noted, Mad Men is definitively one of the best shows on television. And, as we are all acutely aware, all good things must come to an end. This year, we get the final seven episodes of the popular program. In celebration of seven seasons, the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, New York has launched an exhibit called “Matthew Weiner’s Mad Men.” Continue reading