Project 366: Week 21

Our Project366 merrily rolls on with our twenty-first week; just some weeks shy of the half way point of the year! With a heatwave upon us in New York City, more and more of our photos are outside. But what about yours? Let us know what you are pointing your camera at these days in the comments.

May 20, 2012

Living the High Life by Jen Gallardo

A Summer Coke by Anthony J. Merced

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Movies by the Numbers: May 29, 2012

Men in Black 3 Promotional Material

Ten years later Will Smith and the Men in Black franchise still have a winning formula. After 4 weeks of dominance by The Avengers, Men in Black III has taken over first place in the domestic box office race. While the film performed on par with Men in Black 2, it is Will Smith’s return after a three year hiatus that has proved to be most impressive. In an era where superstars no longer seem to tempt audiences into the seats, Will managed to solidify 54% of the over 25 demo. This does indicate that families were not as interested in the franchise. Of course, Men in Black III finds itself up against stiff family competition in the coming weeks, specifically from Snow White and the Huntsman and Madagascar 3.

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Movies by the Numbers: May 21, 2012

Movies Poster for the film Battleship

The masses have spoken and for the third week in a row, The Avengers¬†will top the box office with a fifty-five million dollar weekend*. Along the way, Marvel/Disney’s latest comic book box office supernova has broken a series of records that will be very tough to match. Although several films over the next few months will certainly try their best to top this early summer titan.

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Project 366: Week 20

Twenty weeks in and we’re still going strong! Project 366 is never easy and some days it’s very difficult to find the inspiration for a perfect shot. One thing we’re learning through this is that there is something interesting in every shot, even the mistakes.

May 13, 2012

After Party by Jen Gallardo

Pattern on the Pillow by Anthony J. Merced

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Jen’s Project365 for 2011!

As some of you may know, I decided to take a photo a day everyday in 2010 — and haven’t stopped ever since! In the beginning of 2011, I created an infographic to give some information about the content of the photos I took. The data I used was less than precise (I went through all the photos by hand and evaluated them) but it did shed some light on my habits.

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The History of Cable Television

Master and Commander by Jen Gallardo

We take it all for granted. A thousand channels that can entertain us with classic movies, new reality shows or teach us how to install fancy tiles into our third bathroom. Over the past twenty years Cable television has become an essential part of the American household. The diagram of the nuclear family has expanded from mother, father, child and pet to include the glowing box underneath our television. It is how we release stress and how we keep up to date with current events.

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Project 366: Week 19

Week 19 brought our photography to new places and some old ones, but in different ways. Be sure to leave a comment and let us know which shots caught your eye the most.

May 6, 2012

Overhead Train by Jen Gallardo

Intersecting Lines by Anthony J. Merced

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Copyright and Photos and You

Rotten by Jen Gallardo

If you have been following us on twitter, you may be aware of the Meagan Kunert story. For those that aren’t, here’s a quick recap. Kunert essentially did something that many in the photo industry consider reprehensible and unforgivable — she took photos that weren’t hers and passed them off as her own. And by some accounts, Kunert didn’t just steal photos but she also stole editorial content written by other photographers. In other words, she cheated and got caught, which caused quite a stir on Twitter and Facebook (let’s just say the cavalry came to the aid of all the slighted photographers).

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Project 366: Week 18

Week 18 of the year 2012 is here and with it comes another set of photos for our Project366. It’s been relatively chilly and rainy here in New York City for the beginning of May, but we’ve made do and found inspiration in other sources. Check out this week’s photos and let us know which ones your favorites are in the comments!

April 29, 2012

Love at First Purr by Jen Gallardo

Sunday Beer by Anthony J. Merced

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